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An office is more than walls and desks. Flexioffices understand that workspaces are about people, not property, They provide free expert advice based on their unsurpassed knowledge of the UK`s office spaces.

Free Office Finder

Free Office Finder is the leading source for managed and serviced office space rentals in London and the UK.


technologywithin IT-enable CRE, flexible and coworking spaces with WiFi, superfast internet and workspace management software. They provide these services to more locations than any other provider in the UK.

RA Information Systems

RA Information Systems is a professional IT company and software development specialist, expert in infrastructure design, Cloud computing, Internet connectivity, telephony and support services.

Spaces to Places

Spaces to Places is more than just a Marketing consultancy service; they’re a strategic partner for office space operators who want to become more relevant as the role of the office changes.