RA Information Systems

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RA Information Systems

RA Information Systems is a professional IT company and software development specialist, expert in infrastructure design, Cloud computing, Internet connectivity, telephony and support services.

Their services are tailored to the specific requirements of flexible office and managed workspace providers, science, research and innovation-led companies and their clients. As a solutions provider, RA Information Systems aim to offer the most comprehensive, end-to-end set of services suitable for sector needs. They have successfully implemented many fully managed service contracts, including Shared Internet Infrastructure design, high-capacity, fast and secure data connections, hosted and on-premises VoIP telephony solutions, data security and on-going support.

RA Information Systems are successful in the development and implementation of their specialised Workspace Management system CLARITY CORE (formally branded as IBCS). A comprehensive solution designed to streamline sector specific operational processes, optimise communications with existing and potential customers (including workspace portfolio management, sales pipeline, contract and payment terms, streamlining billing process and much more). CLARITY CORE is designed to be incorporated into a wide range of workspace management scenarios, and has more than 21 years of consistent performance, 2500 active users within more than 250 enterprises. CLARITY CORE is modular in design and customisable, which makes it perfectly scalable to any organisation’s requirements and budget. Bespoke solutions are offered for every kind of premises, with single and multi-facility support. Packages are competitive and incorporate training and maintenance.