Enexus Energy Ltd

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Enexus Energy Ltd

Enexus Energy is a leading energy consultancy that helps businesses across the UK Energy lower carbon, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Energy is a complex world with costs seemingly rising endlessly. Enexus Energy is your dedicated energy partner that will help you make sense of energy and how costs can be low-ered when it appears that price rises are inevitable.

Businesses turn to Enexus when:

  • Seeking a true ‘energy partner’ with genuine expertise rather than a simple broker.
  • Frustrated by annual price increases and are looking for a sustainable way to lower energy costs.
  • When facing complex portfolios of energy meters and suppliers and looking to simplify.
  • Looking to lower carbon and become closer to net zero.
  • Assessing on site generation technologies such as solar/wind.
  • Seeking the most cost-effective energy contracts

Enexus is made up of genuine energy experts that have successfully managed energy budgets and carbon reduction for some of the most energy intensive businesses in the country.

Take a look at this short film to learn more about their services.

If you would like Enexus to conduct a comprehensive energy review for your business, please email a copy of a recent energy invoice to info@enexusenergy.co.uk along with your contact details and they will be happy help.