Smart Spaces

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Smart Spaces

Smart Spaces, the leading smart building operating system and customer-experience app for prime assets and flexible space providers, is a part of D2 Interactive, a software, web design and mobile app development agency based in the City of London, with extensive experience working in the commercial property and flexible workspace sectors.

Low Risk: Smart Spaces’ extensive experience of bespoke software projects means that it is much lower risk for them to build you a completely tailor-made solution, than for a package to be customised to match your specification.

Flexibility: They ensure that every element of your smart building enablement project is matched to your needs. From the specifications and methodology used to contractual arrangements and SLAs, they will create the solution that is the best for your business.

Technical expertise: With extensive knowledge of multiple technologies and platforms, their software engineers can advise the best possible solution for your needs. This wealth of knowledge also makes it simple for them to integrate your bespoke development with existing or legacy systems.

Scalable: Smart Spaces’ software developers believe in building solutions which don’t just solve the challenges you are experiencing now but also consider future scalability and the long-term goals of your business.

Long term approach: They don’t just develop software and hand it over; every project evaluates the total cost of ownership, deployment and future support and maintenance requirements. They only recommend technology that gives you complete ownership of your system; you are not locked-in and as you own the IP of the software you can maintain it as you see fit. They can support your system post-development should you require but recognise that you may prefer to support it in-house and they ensure that it is a seamless process for you to do this.