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technologywithin partner with flex operators and commercial landlords to bring their spaces to life by providing connectivity and workspace management solutions that deliver growth. They provide these services to more locations than any other provider in the UK.

They have a long history with the flexspace sector and are a recognised voice in the sector. By choosing to partner with them you’ll benefit from their experience and customer focused approach.

technologywithin understand that if their clients are successful, then they are successful too, so everything they do is focused on supporting business growth:

  1. Services designed to fit your space – Every site is different, so WiFi and internet services need to be designed to maximise performance in that specific space. So, they’ll configure their services to fit you, rather than sell you a one size fits all box.
  2. They offer the same level of service to all customers – Whether you have one site, or twenty, technologywithin value your business. They are always there to keep your clients happy and your business growing, with their great helpdesk and onsite engineering support.
  3. Their services generate revenue – technologywithin enable their clients to get the most out of their dedicated bandwidth service by providing great quality training – face to face, online, group and 121 – so that centre managers understand how to manage and upsell bandwidth and workspace management services.

technologywithin offers a complete portfolio of services to help their clients create the next generation workspace:

twiindata offers complete control of your network with flexible technology and commercials, delivering new revenue streams and best-in-class return on investment.

twiinworkspace – Developed by operators, for the flexspace sector, twiinworkspace is the ultimate workspace management platform, billing solution and industry specific CRM.

twiinvoice is a powerful piece of software, designed to make the process of managing flexible workspace communications a lot simpler.