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Tony Freeth Informational

TFI provides workspace technology Research, Design and Consultancy. TFI work with all types of operators, from experienced business centres and coworking brands to landlords and developers engaging with flex and tenant services for the first time.

Today you can’t run a workspace without advanced technology. But many operators have limited technical skills and are often dependent on their vendor’s recommendations. Advice from TFI can quickly fix operational problems or manage suppliers.

A Technology Refresh is a periodic need, and TFI bring fresh ideas, lower costs and practical skills. If you are product-orientated, consultancy helps you innovate or find new services that build your brand by delivering a great user experience. There are many new buyers in flex space, with different needs and priorities to meet. Ultimately you and your funders may commission us to design a strategic roadmap, which by leveraging emerging technologies will deliver a fundamental transformation of your business over time. Start with designs for state-of-the-art communications and internet, structural Wi-Fi and network design, management platforms, meeting space and user experience apps.

TFI can assist you to evaluate and adopt emerging technologies such as IoT and environmental sensors, ESG compliance, 5G and LTE communications. Many businesses, too, are abandoning old-style admin portals, moving to automated processes based on service-based applications that can integrate all your technology.

Subscribing to ‘The Informational’ research service will brief you about revenues from private wireless adoption, edge-datacentres in your space, technology for adaptable space, and all potential opportunities. TFI teams with complementary leading industry associates so that you don’t always need an internal resource. The best place to start is with a conversation. Because, with 25 years’ experience in flexible workspace, TFI have a lot of knowledge to share.