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Introducing the Flexible Space Association

The Business Centre Association, the UK’s flexible workspace trade body, today announces a change of name to the Flexible Space Association, in response to fundamental changes in the flexible workspace market and feedback from our members....

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Legal requirements for company letterheads and email footers

Did you know that your business email footer must contain specific pieces of information by law?...

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Company registration in England and Scotland

From time to time we are asked whether the law in Scotland for registering a company is different than the law in England.

The short answer is ‘not really’, though after a company is formed there are important differences which govern how it operates. ...

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Email Signatures: Are you playing by the rules?

What's on your email signature? It probably contains your name, job title, perhaps your department, company logo, and maybe even a little green tree with a reminder that printing emails is harmful to the environment. However, did you know that your email signature might actually be breaking the law?...

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