FlexSA Industry Achievement Award Winners

Charlie Green and Olly Olsen, co-founders of The Office Group, are the joint winners of the Flexible Space Association’s Industry Achievement Award 2022.  The award recognises outstanding contributions to the flexible workspace industry.

The judging panel considered a number of potentially very worthy winners for the award, before deciding on Charlie and Olly as the recipients.  The news of the award was made at the Flexible Space Association’s Annual Gala Dinner on 24th November, when 300 people from the flexible workspace industry came together in London.

Announcing Charlie and Olly as winners of the award, the Chairman of the Flexible Space Association’s Board, Freya Cross, said: “Their company began its journey in 2003, opening its first flexible workspace building in central London.  Their passion for design, for the highest standards of customer service and their dedication to ensuring businesses of every size can thrive in their workspaces shines through in all that they do.

“Next year, The Office Group marks its 15th anniversary as a member of our Association, and Charlie and Olly have spoken at our conferences, and supported our work in a variety of ways.”

Olly and Charlie were unable to attend the event, but had recorded a message which was played to the 300 guests at the event.  Their win was warmly received by the audience, including a table from The Office Group.

Charlie Green, TOG co-founder, commented: “Olly and I are proud and humbled to receive the Industry Achievement Award. It seems crazy to think that we started this journey 20 years ago and we’ve enjoyed every step of the way working in this industry. Everything has been made possible by our wonderfully talented and passionate TOG team.

“There’s never been a better time to be in this industry, with more businesses embracing flex as a key driver of their businesses’ success. Thank you to the Flexible Space Association for this award – it really means the world to us.”

28 November 2022

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