Technology Innovation Award Winner

The Technology Innovation Award recognises excellence in delivering technology-driven projects that are innovative, and deliver benefits to customers and to the running of flexible workspace.

The winner of the 2022 award was Holler Technology.  Their entry was for a project rolling out a cloud voice solution for flexible workspace operator Capital Space, working across 9 locations and 1,500 users, to some 400 separate businesses.  There was no pre-existing cloud voice solution that could deliver what was needed, so Holler Technology evolved an existing solution to develop the product.


The pandemic resulted in businesses having staff working across multiple devices with multiple applications across multiple locations, flexibly.  This wasn’t just a challenge faced by large corporates, but by businesses of every size and type.

The project was a challenging one.  For example, in the scoping phase Holler found that there were 45 different CRM solutions being used by the 400 businesses.  It was also necessary to embrace a large number of different call charge tariffs offered to existing clients and to offer a cloud billing solution to each company.

Once the new system was in places, businesses located within Capital Space were immediately able to offer their workforce a number of productivity enhancements and business tools to ensure they were able to meet the needs of their staff and customers in a completely new way of working.  The most compelling feature was the ability to work from anywhere and to communicate, conference and collaborate with their co-workers and customers – whether using a physical phone on their office desk, a softphone on their smartphone or on their computer.

Switching off legacy system across locations also led to a significant saving on electricity bills.

Richard Burbage, CEO of Holler Technology, is pictured centre with members of his team collecting the award, and Freya Cross, Chairman of the Flexible Space Association’s Board on the right.

30 November 2022

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