Workspace Wisdom Webinar : Attracting and retaining staff for the long term benefit of your flexible workspace business

1 May, 2024

FlexSA Event

Wednesday 1st May

Employers are currently encountering many challenges in the pursuit of attracting and retaining staff.  One key obstacle lies in the evolving expectation of the workforce, which increasingly values flexibility and work-life balance- the very industry for which many of us directly cater for.

For flexible workspace operators, the challenge then lies in managing this against the practical realities and constraints of our front-facing customer experience driven business.

In this webinar, Lesley Attwell, a senior employee benefits consultant at Verlingue, provides common trends within the employee benefits space and explains how employers of all sizes and budgets can utilise employee benefits.

This session will be an informative guide to help flexible workspace operators achieve the fine balance in creating a space which both attracts and retains the best team, for the benefit of building and shaping your wider workspace community.

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