Introducing Our Conference Speakers: View From a Business Journalist

It is always good to hear an external perspective at industry conferences.  We are pleased to be welcoming Dougal Shaw, a business reporter at the BBC, to speak about his perspective of the world of workspaces, at our Conference on Tuesday 14th May.

Dougal has worked as a business journalist at BBC News for the past 10 years, where he specialises in features, covering original stories for TV, radio and the BBC News website.

His work frequently touches on the commercial property market.  Dougal is also creator of the entrepreneurship strand CEO Secrets, which offers advice and inspiration from business leaders and has been turned into a book, published by Bloomsbury.

Dougal has written on the subject of flexible workspace in recent years, including this piece on coworking hubs for people to work close to home, and more recently an article on the future of women-only coworking spaces.

You can find the full conference programme and ticketing information here.


1 May 2024

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