Quantum Global Real Estate and LaSalle buy trophy office building in Mayfair

Quantum Global Real Estate and LaSalle buy trophy office building in Mayfair

Quantum Global Real Estate (“QG Real Estate”) and LaSalle Investment Management (“LaSalle”) today announce their joint venture Plaza Global Real Estate Partners (“Plaza”) has bought the prestigious 23 Savile Row, Mayfair, one of the best prime office buildings in the West End of London.

This is the first acquisition Plaza has made since inception earlier in the year, investing in large real estate assets around the globe. With leverage, Plaza has USD 1 billion gross of initial buying power.

23 Savile Row is a trophy property, which was developed in 2009. It is an outstanding freehold office building comprising nearly 103,000 square feet with floor to ceiling glazed façades on three sides, representing a new standard for offices in the West End.

The property has received numerous prestigious awards, including West End Development of the Year at the Office Development Awards (2009).

The space is let to a high-end gallery on the ground floor and several notable financial companies in the six floors above.

Jeff Jacobson, CEO of LaSalle, said: “When we launched Plaza, it was with a view to targeting quality long-term investments located in major mature real estate markets around the world. We have been looking at predominantly core assets, and are thrilled that 23 Savile Row is our first acquisition and absolutely meets our expectations for the portfolio.“

Jean-Claude Bastos de Morais, owner of Quantum Global, adds: “It is very rare for freehold properties of such outstanding quality to come to the market in this location. We are very excited by the future prospects for both the building and the joint venture.”



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