Energy Bill Relief Scheme Welcomed

The Flexible Space Association has welcomed the Government’s announcement of support for businesses to tackle the soaring costs of energy.

Gas and electricity represent a significant part of the outgoings for flexible workspace operators, providing workspace and services to businesses of all sizes.

The Energy Bill Relief Scheme will fix energy costs for businesses in Great Britain at:

  • £211 per megawatt hour (MWh) for electricity
  • £75 per MWh for gas

An announcement will be made shortly on comparable rates for Northern Ireland.

There is however concern that the measures are only guaranteed to be in place for six months.  This is a relatively short period in the life of a business, and will make it hard for flexible workspace operators to plan ahead.

The Government has promised a review of the measures in three months’ time, and within that will consider if support focused on specific industries is needed.  The Flexible Space Association will be monitoring this closely, and if energy prices look set to continue to put undue pressure on flexible workspace operators and their role in providing space and support to businesses of every size and type, a case will be made for inclusion in any further support measures.

Many flexible workspace operators have already worked hard to implement a range of energy saving measures within their premises, and support their customers in making more sustainable choices for their workspaces.


FlexSA Member Enexus Energy has produced a briefing note on the Energy Bill Relief Scheme, and steps to take, which you can download here.


21 September 2022

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