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Ultrasoft Technologies Ltd
Ultrasoft Technologies Ltd
Ultrasoft Technologies Ltd

UltraSoftBIS - Business Centre Management Software - the most trusted software solution for the business centre, serviced office, managed space, Co-working space and science park industry.

FlexSA Member since 2007

Installed in thousands of business centres around the world. UltraSoftBIS is the user-friendly, intuitive, accurate and integrated software system for operators of flexible workspace & multi-tenant buildings.
  • Improve processes and efficiency
  • Fast, reliable and 100% accurate
  • Zero downtime
  • Hundreds of key management reports
  • Interface with financial system
Everyone benefits using UltraSoftBIS:
  • Clients enjoy streamlined and efficient service and billing
  • Serviced office staff can have all operational information at a touch of a button
  • Business Centre Managers can easily run daily/monthly reports
  • Office Sales Managers can view availability, manage prospects and create licence agreements
  • Marketing can plan targeted lead generation campaigns
  • Finance Directors have access to many financial reports
  • Managing Directors have access to real-time data for better business planning.

UltraSoftBIS is just not a system; it brings sales, operation and finance teams together and enables them to carry out their day to day activities with super efficiently

To find out more about business centre & flexible workspace management software, please complete the enquiry form and a member of the Ultrasoft team will be in touch shortly. Alternatively visit our website or email us or call on 0044 (01784) 457929



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