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Ashton Barclay


Brilliant businesses like yours are fuelled by the calibre of their people, the culture, and the environment in which they work in.  

Your working space has to be practical & have a massive impact on your team's productivity, happiness, and ultimately your operational profits.  

Our sole goal is to find you your dream office space and take away the entire headache of trying to find the best workspace that takes up too much of your time, money and resources.  

We have unique access to the very best office spaces because of the relationships that we have built and because our high reputation in the market.

What we offer

  • A discerning service that is unmatched
  • Free & impartial advice and tell you what the office providers offer and don't offer
  • Knowledge and expertise of the whole market
  • Getting you the best possible deal, so that you're not paying more than what you should be

We cover London and the whole of the UK, whether you need

  • Managed solutions if you have a large team
  • Private Serviced Offices 
  • Fixed & Hot Desks
  • Virtual Offices  

There is a reason why we have been voted as the most preferred office broker.  

So get in touch today by calling us on 0203 857 5470 or find more information about how we are different to most agents and brokers that you will come across by clicking on our website  

Or email us on  

Always happy to help!




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