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phs Teacrate

With over 35 years’ experience, phs Teacrate is the industry’s leading crate hire company.

phs Teacrate supplies an extensive range of crates for rental. They support professional, commercial and domestic removal companies, facilities managers and any business needing to move. No matter the size of the move, phs Teacrate are there to help.

Every year they move over 9 million crates, supporting industries such as removals and storage, retail and fit out companies, making them the market leading crate rental service provider across the UK. They have over 100 operational staff and offer a nationwide service, with depots across the UK.

phs Teacrate crates are not only tough and re-usable, their crates are also 100% recyclable polypropylene. They don’t just supply crates either, they have an extensive range of packaging materials which are perfect for any size of office move. From small to large items such as tape or bubblewrap, they give the reassurance that your belongings are being kept safe and protected during transit.

phs Teacrate are delighted to be involved by supplying crate rental through their partnership with the Flexible Space Association. They believe we fit perfectly alongside other FlexSA suppliers by providing a flexible and reliable crate hire service with their extensive range of crates available to rent.

If you are a flexible workspace provider that would like to help your clients move in an out of locations, please contact Paul Bullock.