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Blaser Mills Law’s Commercial Real Estate team provides commercially-driven legal advice to businesses in London and the South East.

The team’s objective is to get the best terms possible for you and to ensure that the deal happens. As a West End property agent contact of theirs put it, “when it comes to lawyers, there are deal makers and there are deal breakers” and they put Blaser Mills Law firmly in the former category.

The Commercial Real Estate team has expert lawyers who regularly advise on flexible and serviced office space arrangements. Flexible and serviced office space has become a preferred solution for many organisations as they increasingly look for alternatives to the traditional commercial lease model.

Entering into a flexible space agreement requires careful consideration and checking that your provider is a FlexSA member is a good first step; this means that the provider has signed up to a Code of Conduct. Blaser Mills Law can take you through the rest of the process, from production of a clear risk report for board level review, through to negotiating terms and agreeing a deal.

Whether you require a full due diligence approach or simply to use Blaser Mills Law as a sounding board, they would be happy to assist.