Zoning in on Opportunity: Networking at Grassroots Level

The BCA is changing the format of its networking events, making them more local and more relevant to your location– and we’d like your help.

We’ve been listening to your feedback on the Beyond Networking sessions this October, and it’s clear that members outside London would prefer to attend meetings that are even closer to their individual locations.

We know that time is money for you all, particularly in this tough economic climate. Therefore, we are proposing a new, more fluid approach that can be tailored to the needs of locations in individual towns and cities.

Rather than holding a few, large regional meetings, we propose:

• Smaller operator-led events, organised for audiences from within a reasonable radius of your location, say 25-40 miles – but that’s for you to decide.
• These could be held at a member location, keeping costs to a minimum
• As before, these events would be open to the whole sector - both members and non-members would be welcome.
• Each networking meeting can if requested be supported and facilitated by the BCA, but would be run by a locally-based Operator.

This is an opportunity for locations to take ownership of their local networking agenda.
It will enable many more events to spring up across the UK in response to local demand.
It will also reduce staff travel costs and the time spent away from work.
The BCA will, if requested facilitate and support each event. The BCA will be happy to provide publicity and speakers, when required.

If you would like to volunteer to host or help coordinate an event, please email

** Please note that this year’s Beyond Networking event in LONDON
on Thursday 25th October is going ahead as planned **

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