London sell-out in March augurs well for Academy’s summer programme

There is still time to book a place at the BCA Academy of Flexible Learning which will sit in session in London and four key regional locations during a six-week period this summer.

However interested parties are advised not to delay as a solo sitting of the Academy in London in March – prior to the main programme being rolled out in summer - was fully booked several weeks in advance.

This year’s programme consists of two one-day seminars in each location – one focussing on developing high performance levels for managers and the other aimed at creating inspirational experiences for clients and targeted at all customer-facing staff. On each occasion participants will be encouraged to engage in active role-play.

The ‘managers’ seminars will take place as follows: 31 May, London; 8 June, Birmingham; 15 June, Leeds; 6 July, Manchester; 13 July, Edinburgh. The seminars aimed at customer-facing staff will take place the following day in each location.

Fees are £384 and £634 for members and non-members respectively, both prices including VAT. Because these special rates have been obtained only through the bulk buying power of the BCA it will not be possible to give any refunds; however changing the names of delegates should unforeseen circumstances make this necessary will be permitted without additional charge.
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