Escalating oil prices and train fares fuels increase in telecommuting

Rapidly rising fuel cost and train fares are driving increased demand for telecommuting services, whereby office workers use virtual office space to ‘commute’ electronically to their place of business, claims BCA member Davinci Virtual, provider of virtual office and virtual assistant services.

“Escalating tensions in the Middle East are forcing up the price of petrol and diesel fuels with the result that commuters are not only driving slower to conserve fuel, but many are simply running on empty,” comments Steve Golding, Davinci’s UK general manager. “Breakdown service provider, Green Flag, recently reported a 40% increase in the number of fuel-related call-outs and conducted a survey which revealed that more than 30% of drivers have cut down on their motoring to offset rising fuel prices.”

Those choosing to travel by train have also found that their commute to work has become even more expensive since the beginning of the year, when rail fares across the UK were increased by an average of six per cent. These increases, combined with the ongoing challenging business conditions have resulted in rail passenger numbers declining between one to six per cent on major commuter routes across the country during the past 12 months.

“Many office workers are now questioning the need to endure the physical commute and in conjunction with the adoption of flexible working hours and practices, at an increasing number of businesses, the number of telecommuters is set to rise dramatically,” Golding continues.

“Working from home, or away from the office, doesn’t mean you have to work in isolation. Davinci Virtual provide support services ranging from telephone answering; mail forwarding and a virtual presence at over 170 virtual office address locations across the UK to ensure that teleworkers are seamlessly linked to their business, whether they are working from home, on the train or stuck in a traffic jam.”

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