The abrupt closure of a serviced office in Scotland, giving occupiers just 10 days’ notice, has been roundly criticised by the Business Centre Association, which states that companies will experience better standards of conduct at its member locations throughout the UK.

All members of the BCA - the only UK trade association representing the business centre and workspace industry – have to sign a code of conduct and best practice, renewable every year, which actively demonstrates commitment to professional and ethical standards. The business centre in Glasgow that is to close had been run by EasyOffice which is not a member of the BCA.

BCA members, which have over 850 sites in total, must adhere to the 17 principles of the code of conduct, the second of which is: “will at all times promote and maintain ethical standards of conduct, dealing fairly and honestly with their clients.”

Jennifer Brooke, executive director of the BCA, says: “We seek to give occupiers greater assurance that they will be treated fairly at our member locations through tight adherence to our code of conduct. Insufficient notice, as is the case in the EasyOffice scenario, would fall outside the framework of principles that we endeavour to adopt at all times. Any member that breached the code could be suspended and ultimately have their membership terminated.”

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