BE Offices Converts Majority of Business Centres to Renewable Sourced Energy

Flexible workspace provider, BE Offices ("BE"), has converted around 75% of its centres to use renewable sourced energy.

BE Offices made a conscious decision to convert all the centres over which it had control to determine energy providers to power from renewable sources.

As a result, currently 15 of BE’s 20 centres in London, the Home Counties, Manchester and Birmingham (pictured), have gone "green". This will be extended to all new centres where possible.

The move comes at a time when the Inter-government Panel on Climate Change ("IPCC") reported on the desperate need for a major reduction in the world’s carbon footprint and the need to dramatically cut back reliance on fossil fuels.

BE’s electricity suppliers provide power from certified renewable sources which in the UK is typically wind and solar.

David Saul, BE Managing Director and co-founder, said: “We have always taken corporate social responsibility extremely seriously and this move to renewable sourced power reflects that.

At a time when the public is increasingly concerned about the impact of fossil fuels on the planet’s long-term sustainability we believe our renewable energy policy is an attractive offer to clients for whom these issues are important.

"We also believe it is every company’s responsibility to become carbon neutral and for business to lead the way in ensuring our environment is left in a state that can be enjoyed by future generations."

BE is probably the first UK flexible space provider to move to renewable energy sourced power in a majority of its centres.

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