bca Broker Code of Conduct - August 2009

bca working with Internet Brokers to develop a ‘Consumer Charter’

Following recent meetings between the bca and the web brokers we are delighted to announce that together, we are working to develop a ‘Consumer Charter’ for the benefit of the Industry. We anticipate that the ‘Consumer Charter’ will be in operation Autumn 2009.

The bca takes this opportunity to inform the membership that web brokers have been responsive to the concerns raised by bca members and accordingly, to show their commitment to working together with the Association, have agreed with immediate effect, to implement this bca Broker Code of Conduct.

This is just the beginning of the development of the ‘Consumer Charter’ which will benefit the whole sector. We look forward to accelerating the process as we work alongside the brokers whose logo’s appear below and who are all to become bca members

bca Broker Code of Conduct

  • Brokers shall not allow personal incentives, such as vouchers to be accepted by individual staff members.
  • Brokers shall not proactively contact serviced office users prior to renewals with the specific aim of relocating clients.
  • Brokers shall endeavour to provide full contact details of prospects in the first instance subject to approval from the end users and subject to compliance with the Data Protection Act.
  • For office space deals brokers shall not request commission beyond our standard terms of 10% of 1 years average annual all-inclusive rental. Operators may choose to offer enhanced fees in excess of 10% from time to time to highlight particular voids or special offers. Similarly, brokers may offer additional value-added services & promotions to operators.
  • Brokers shall commit to sending all customer facing staff to bca organised training programs
  • The bca shall provide dispute resolution to any issues effecting brokers.

    All brokers shall attach this code of conduct to ALL referrals to ensure that all operators are aware of the code and actively promote its usage.

    Any breaches of the code should be reported to Jennifer Brooke at the bca on 020 8387 1444 or by email to If any broker persistently breaks the code the BCA together with the other brokers shall instruct bca members to stop using the services of the broker responsible for the breaches.

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