Workspace Wisdom Webinar: B Corp for Flexible Workspaces

B Corp certification is an increasingly discussed topic within the business community, including the flexible workspace industry.

Whether you just want to understand what B Corp is all about, or have already decided to embark on the journey towards it, the next Flexible Space Association Workspace Wisdom Webinar will be well worth a watch.

We’ll be hearing from Andy Hawkins, Founder of Business on Purpose.  Andy has supported over 300 companies across a wide range of sectors, offering services and solutions to provide, insights, policies, processes and frameworks aligned with the B Corp values.  He will outline the B Corp process and the potential opportunities for any business looking to explore B Corp certification.

A number of flexible workspace operators have already engaged in the process, with some now B Corp Certified, others working towards this, and many considering what the process would entail for them.

Mark Gregson, CEO of FlexSA member Impact Working, will share his experience of the B Corp journey in the webinar.

The webinar takes place at 11.30am on Wednesday 1st November.

Register to join the webinar here.

24 October 2023

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