Working from Home Guidance Ends in England

The Government has announced that working from home guidance has come to an end with immediate effect in England today, news welcomed by the Flexible Space Association.

Flexible workspaces have continued to operate throughout the pandemic, with many businesses and individuals utilising their services when they could not undertake work effectively from home, but workspace operators look forward to welcoming back more people in the coming days and weeks.

The Flexible Space Association supports the comments made by the CBI’s Chief Policy Director, Matthew Fell, who said: “Hybrid working is here to stay, with firms that can already seeking a balanced approach to home and office working. But there are clear benefits to being in the office, such as collaboration and on-the-job learning, and blanket work-from-home guidance has had significant downsides for city centre trade in sectors such as hospitality and retail.” 

Flexible workspace is ideally placed to meet the needs of hybrid working, and has seen an increase in the uptake of smaller offices for people who are choosing to work closer to home than their usual workspace on some days each week, or take a coworking desk in different locations to suit their needs.  A number of workspace operators now offer membership schemes allowing people to work across their locations.

The Flexible Space Association offers a searchable database of flexible workspace across the UK, with serviced and managed offices, coworking space, workshop units and meeting rooms available.  These workspace businesses all sign up to our Code of Conduct, giving added assurance on high standards of service for customers.

19 January 2022

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