Safely returning to flexible workspaces

Flexible workspace providers have been working hard to ensure their premises are meeting the requirements set out by the Government, to be ‘Covid Secure’.

They have been putting in place a variety of measures, as appropriate to their individual buildings.  These include screens at reception desks, re-arrangement of furniture in communal areas to ensure people are socially distanced and plentiful supplies of hand sanitiser.  Enhanced cleaning regimes are in place, including between the use of meeting rooms.

In buildings with lifts, you will find notices limiting the number of people allowed to use them, and possibly also one-way systems in communal areas.

In some flexible workspaces, new technology has been installed to support the increase in remote working, for example enhanced video conferencing equipment in meeting rooms.

Many flexible workspace operators are able to support their customers to make changes in their own offices.  These might include obtaining screens to install between desks, or re-arranging furniture.

Many of our members have kept their buildings open through the Coronavirus crisis, particularly those who have clients running key worker businesses.  If you are planning a return to flexible workspace, or are taking space for the first time to run your business from, you can be assured that health and safety measures are uppermost in the minds of the workspace provider.

9 June 2020

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