Richard Morris Elected as Service Provider Representative

Richard Morris, Sales and Marketing Director at technologywithin, has been elected to represent the Flexible Space Association’s Service Provider members at meetings of the Association’s Board.

A number of candidates stood for election to the position, with all Service Provider member companies having a vote in the election to decide on the representative.

Richard will serve for 2 years, and be invited to attend and participate in meetings of the Flexible Space Association’s Board.  He will consult with fellow Service Provider members to ensure their ideas and views are represented.

Richard Morris commented: “I’m delighted to have been selected as the new Service Provider representative for FlexSA and hugely grateful to those who voted for me (thank you) but must firstly extend heartfelt thanks to Douglas Green who has held the roll for the past two years and for his time, effort, and support to the wide cross section of Service Providers within the Association.

“Looking forward and to the future, the Service Providers play an important role within our progressive and exciting sector and I look forward to ‘flying the flag’ and representing the suppliers within the flexible workspaces around the UK.”  

technologywithin has been a longstanding and active member of the Flexible Space Association, and specialise in providing Wi-Fi, fibre internet and managed IT software to the flexible workspace sector.

Office broker members of the Association have a separate representative, with this position currently held by Julie Kold of Office Freedom.

16 August 2022

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