New Term, New Workspace

No matter how long ago it is since you left school, there’s still something about September that makes it feel like a new term and a fresh start.  A feeling that will have happened a few weeks ago in Scotland, when the school year began there.

The ‘new term’ thoughts may well include having a re-think about your working arrangements.  Is it time to move away from the desk in the spare room and back into a professional working environment?  Would an office relocation make it easier for staff to come together, and increase collaborative working?  Would having the option of working closer to home a couple of days a week to reduce the commute make for an improved work-life balance?

Businesses and individuals are increasingly turning to flexible workspace, which provide a wide range of benefits.  The clue is in the name – rather than being tied to a traditional long office lease, they allow a flexible approach to workspace.  Whether you want a desk for a few days a month, a commitment to take on an office that only lasts a year, or something that will allow you to put your stamp on it whilst still having the office management hassles handled by someone else, there are options to suit every need.

Flexible workspace includes serviced and managed offices, along with coworking spaces.  Learn more about these here:

On this website you’ll find a directory of flexible workspace operators which are members of the Flexible Space Association, and are therefore signed up to our Code of Conduct.  This gives added assurance to clients on the commitments of the workspace operator, as well as providing support to the operators themselves.

There’s no doubt that 2022/23 is going to be a challenging year for businesses of every type and size.  Using flexible workspace can take away a lot of the stresses of running a business, whilst benefiting from a professional working environment, and a wide range of services and facilities.

5 September 2022

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