New code of conduct with high standards at its heart

For any trade association, the standards that members commit to abide by is an important part of ensuring a thriving industry.

The Flexible Space Association is no different, and the latest aspect of our work that has been reviewed is membership compliance documentation.

Until now this has comprised extensive documentation, and whilst this has it merits in capturing many different areas and possible issues, it can mean that it does not have the focus it really should.

The Board of the Flexible Space Association have agreed to replace the previous compliance documentation with a new 10-point Code of Conduct.  It is concise, and focuses on a clear set of standards which all our members will be expected to adhere to.

The Code of Conduct applies to all members of the Association: the providers of flexible workspace, brokers making the connection between those looking for office space and the providers, and our Partner members providing services to the flexible workspace industry.

As the flexible space industry continues to grow, we want to ensure our members stand out from the crowd, and are able to proudly promote the high standards of service and delivery they provide to customers. Their commitment to the success of the industry is demonstrated by their membership of its trade association, and we in turn support them.  Together we will continue our shared endeavour to promote and raise the standards of the industry as a whole.


26 July 2019

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