Managing Energy Costs Webinar

In the first of the Flexible Space Association’s Workspace Wisdom Webinars, Dannie Ford of FlexSA Member Enexus Energy shared advice for flexible workspace operators on managing energy costs.

Dannie outlined the domestic and global reasons behind soaring energy costs, and suggested strategies for planning and managing energy bills.  She also set out some practical advice for reducing energy demand in workspaces, including:

  • Switching to LED lighting – LED lights use up to 90% less energy than traditional lighting.
  • Getting people working in workspaces engaged in reducing energy consumption.  Simple actions like swithing off lights and equipment and taking the stairs rather than the lift all add up!
  • Looking at self-generating energy through measures such as solar panels, wind power and heat pumps.

The Flexible Space Association’s Executive Director, Jane Sartin, hosted the webinar, and posed questions to Dannie from those watching following her presentation.

The webinar is available to watch on FlexSA’s YouTube channel.

The next Workspace Wisdom Webinar takes place on Wednesday 9th February, covering the topic ‘Developing a Marketing Strategy for Flexible Workspace Businesses’.  Places are limited, and registration is now open.

18 January 2022

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