Introducing Our Conference Speakers: What AI Means for Flex

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the tech topic of the moment, with businesses working to understand its implications, and how it can be utilised to offer a competitive advantage.

At the Flexible Space Association’s Annual Conference and Exhibition on Tuesday 14th May we’ll be hearing from Dan Drogman, CEO of FlexSA Service Provider Member Smart Spaces, on the topic.

Dan has set the scene for his conference session, saying: “Every 10 years, we see a shift in the baseline technology adopted by businesses. In the 80s, it was the move from the mainframe computer to the PC. In the 90s, we witnessed the birth of the internet. In the 00s, we saw the rise of social networks. In the 2010s, blockchain and crypto.

“Today, we’re standing on the precipice of the AI evolution. Like those early days in the 90s where everyone in a flex office required a PC to operate their business, today it is essential that every business utilises AI within their technology stack.”

It’s going to be an important topic for everyone in the flexible workspace industry to get to grips with, and it’s the first one we’ll be addressing on our conference programme.

Smart Spaces will also be in the exhibition hall at the conference, so you will be able to find out more about their innovative technologies to support the running of flexible workspaces.

You can join the event in-person or online on Tuesday 14th May by booking your tickets here.

Download the full conference programme..

3 May 2024

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