Getting to Know the FlexSA Board – Tom Mulvaney

In a new series, we are introducing members of the Flexible Space Association’s Board, who are the representatives of our wider membership, helping to shape the direction of the Association.

Tom Mulvaney (pictured at last year’s Flexible Space Association Conference) is FlexSA’s Treasurer, and joined the Board in 2017.


Which company do you work for, and what is your role?

I work for UBC and have been Chairman since April 2017, and before that Managing Director for 5 years. My role now focusses on strategy and ensuring we have the resources available to deliver that strategy.

What do you most enjoy or value about being a member of the Flexible Space Association’s Board?

I enjoy most the opportunity to meet people within the industry at both business and social events and occasions. It is also of great value to me to hear the views of fellow board members ensuring I am exposed to a wide perspective of experiences.

Is it a good time to be in the flexible workspace sector, and if so why? 

Well I think it is! (I can almost hear you say, ‘well he would say that wouldn’t he’) but the impact of the pandemic on working culture will, I believe, play to the strengths of the flexible workspace sector.

Many who may have previously been sceptical now know what can be achieved through more flexible working arrangements and this is already filtering through to the real estate and facilities decisions which over the next 5 years will lead to a significant growth in market share for flexible space providers.

What would you say to encourage companies which are not currently members of the Flexible Space Association to join? 

Why wouldn’t you want access to an unrivalled depth of industry support, experience and fellowship? You  don’t have to do it all alone.

Tell us something interesting about yourself that might be a surprise to others in the industry.

Two of my pastimes are flying and singing – not at the same time as the singing takes place as part of a men’s choir, the Bebington Bittermen.


You can find the full list of members of the Flexible Space Association’s Board on our our website here.

5 April 2022

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