FlexSA Service Innovation Award

The Flexible Space Association Service Innovation Award recognises new or expanded services that benefit customers.

During the pandemic, flexible workspaces across the UK looked at how they could best support their customers during the most challenging of times.  There a wide variety of initiatives implemented, focussing on areas such as wellbeing, staying connected, and enhancing remote support.



For their focus on developing optimism, business growth and human interaction for their clients. This included launching new educational programmes, for example a complimentary 6-week career upskilling programme for junior employees of members’ businesses.  They have also implemented initiatives supporting founders from under-represented backgrounds, and increased their commitment to being a more sustainable business.


BE Offices

For their work to build a community during lockdown. BE ran an online community and events programme, with daily fitness classes, seminars and cultural discussions.  They worked to support the mental health of both their staff and customers, and undertook a wide range of activities to ensure their buildings were covid secure.



For their work on wellbeing activities.  Initiatives have included developing a Positive Impact Strategy, and they have used design to support the wellbeing of all the users of their space.  Planting has been integrated through their buildings to support both physical and mental wellbeing.

22 November 2021

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