FlexSA Industry Achievement Award

The Flexible Space Association Industry Achievement Award winner announced recognised an individual who has made a significant contribution to the flexible workspace industry.

We invited our members to suggest individuals for consideration by the judging panel, and the judges were also able to put forward their own ideas.

A large number of suggestions were received, each making an excellent case for someone who has worked over a long period of time with a great passion for our sector, and a dedication to their role.

The judging considered people working in all manner of roles, and types and sizes of businesses, but there could only be one winner, who was:

Jean Eustace, Breezblok

Jean has worked in the flexible workspace industry for nearly a quarter of a century. She has worked as an Assistant Centre Manager, Centre Manager and Regional Manager. Jean is described by her peers as “resilient”, “a lady that has gravitas”, and someone who has “great energy”.  She is held in high regard for her can-do attitude. Her colleague Eithne Yates, said: “If all companies had a ‘Jean’, then they could achieve great things”.

Presenting the award last night to a very surprised Jean, Freya Cross, said: “I am sure that everyone knows a ‘Jean’, and as well as recognising the lady herself, the judges hoped this award would in part represent many in our industry whose dedication and hard work can transform businesses.”

22 November 2021

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