FlexSA Code of Conduct in the spotlight

The Flexible Space Association’s Code of Conduct is integral to the role of the Association, in promoting the highest standards for the flexible workspace industry.

Last year the Code of Conduct was reviewed in detail, and set out in 10 clear points.

The Code of Conduct applies to all Flexible Space Association members, whether operators of flexible space, or Partner Members providing services to the sector.  It now forms part of our membership certificate, which our members are encouraged to display on their premises.

Delivering high standards of customer service is at the heart of the flexible workspace industry, and many of the points in the Code of Conduct flow from that.  It provides assurance to clients, and also reminds everyone working in the flexbile workspace industry of the high standards the sector seeks to maintain and promote.

New Association members are advised of the Code of Conduct as soon as they express an interest in joining, and each year when their membership is renewed companies are reminded that by continuing to be a member of the Association they continue to be signed up to these tenets.

To find workspace run by a member of the Flexible Space Association, use our workspace finder.

Our Partner Members providing services to the flexible workspace industry are listed here.


Flexible Space Association Members undertake to:

  1. Always strive to provide the highest standards of service to all clients
  2. Promote and maintain ethical standards of conduct, dealing fairly and honestly with clients, suppliers and each other, and honour any contractual arrangements
  3. Give accurate representation of the facilities and the costs of services offered
  4. Conduct business in a professional way, and not engage in practices which could damage the image of the industry
  5. Comply with all necessary legislative and regulatory requirements which are applicable to their business
  6. Ensure that appropriate arrangements are in place for insurance, financial and legal matters
  7. Not entice clients or staff in breach of contract from other FlexSA members
  8. Respect confidential information supplied to them by clients, unless there is a legal requirement to make information available to the authorities
  9. Ensure reasonable endeavours are made to operate their business in an environmentally friendly manners
  10. Endeavour to raise the standards of the industry through active involvement in the activities of the Flexible Space Association

14 May 2020

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