Excellence in Customer Service Award: Clockwise Wood Green

The last, but by no means least, look at the winners of the Flexible Space Association’s 2023 awards focuses on the winner of the Excellence in Customer Service Award for London and the South East.

Amongst tough competition, the winner was Clockwise Wood Green, in north London.

General Manager Sam, Assistant Manager Sharon and Community Coordinator Midori were recognised for their clear commitment to putting customers first.

The entry for the awards set out how they build a community in their workspace, working to deliver the level of service they’d expect themselves.

Workshops tailored to their members’ needs were held, with a Pitch Deck series from November to March giving guidance on crafting compelling funding proposals for potential investors and how to deliver them effectively.

Efforts are made to embed Clockwise within the local community, welcoming community steering groups into the building.  A ‘Shaping Wood Green’ initiative showcased local talent and vision for the area, with over 100 attendees.

An entrepreneur membership programme was established in collaboration with a local charity to enhance the lives of young people.  Through a social capital fundraiser, Clockwise facilitated meaningful connections between their members and the charity, providing access to workspace for collaborative work.

During 2023, 46 events were delivered for members, covering everything from mindfulness in business to exploring the metaverse and fostering connections within Wood Green, connecting stakeholders with local residents and businesses.

The team’s proudest moment of the year was celebrating the publication of the debut book of one of their members, who had been with them since June 2021, so they had seen the work that went into this.  Clockwise Wood Green hosted the well attended book launch.

General Manager Sam Costello is pictured collecting the award at the Flexible Space Association’s Gala Dinner last month, with Clockwise Chief Operating Officer Alexandra Livesey and Director of Operations Katy Tennant.  The award was presented by Edward Crabtree from award sponsor technologywithin; also pictured is Flexible Space Association Board Chairman, Freya Cross.

15 December 2023

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