Cyber Security Webinar Recording Online

Our Workspace Wisdom Webinar on Cyber Security with Simon Newman, CEO of The Cyber Resilience Centre for London, provided a wealth of practical advice and information on protecting businesses from the growing threat of cyber attacks.

If you missed it, it’s well worth taking 40 minutes out of your day to watch the recording.

Simon set out the role of The Cyber Resilience Centre Network, which offer support and services in each area region of England.  In Scotland, the equivalent organisation is the Cyber and Fraud Centre Scotland.  In Northern Ireland there is the NI Cyber Security Centre.

There were 2.39 million cyber crimes last year, with 32% of businesses suffering at least one cyber attack or breach over the last few months.  Phishing was the most common, and Simon set out the different forms this can take.

The importance of reporting cyber crimes was explained, and the routes to do this set out.  Simon also set out 10 practical steps every business should take to better protect themselves, and gave guidance on password setting.

You can watch the webinar recording on our YouTube channel.  

17 May 2023

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