Could you be our Treasurer?

The Flexible Space Association is looking for a new Treasurer, to advise and support the Association on financial matters, and be a member of our Board.

It is traditionally a role undertaken voluntarily by someone working at a FlexSA member company.  The role has been held by Tom Mulvaney, Chairman of UBC, for over five years, and he will be stepping down by the end of March.

The Treasurer’s role is to support the Association’s financial management, reviewing the monthly accounts prepared by our accountant, and advising on related matters.

Tom has prepared short financial reports for our Board, which meets five times a year.  He has generally met in-person with the Executive Director once a year around the time of the budget setting, and been in touch as needed at other times.

The Treasurer is a co-opted appointee to our Board, so you would also become a non-executive director of the Association.

If you would like to find out more, or express an interest in taking on the role, please contact Jane Sartin in the FlexSA office.

8 January 2024

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