3 Reasons to launch a podcast for your flexible workspace

Flexible workspace provider and Flexible Space Association member, Wizu Workspace, launched their Wizu Talks podcast during the pandemic, to celebrate the cities they operate in and the people they work with.   

After only a few episodes, the business has already seen the benefits and opportunities a podcast can bring, and so have shared 3 reasons why launching a podcast is a great idea for any flexible workspace operator.

Here are three great reasons why your workspace could benefit from launching its own podcast.


There’s never been a more important time to focus on connecting with your workspace members to improve customer loyalty.

By inviting your members to feature on your podcast, not only do you get to share their great stories and showcase the talented businesses that are part of your community, but it also creates some reciprocity, since they’ll likely be flattered at the opportunity.

At Wizu, our featured members appreciated the opportunity to share their insights, and also the marketing activity we did around each episode – promoting their business to our email database and across social media platforms. Everyone loves free business exposure!


Of course, you don’t have to focus solely on the businesses already in your workspace community.

A podcast provides a great excuse to reach out to a potential client you may have your eye on, to offer an influential person within the business, such as the Managing Director, the opportunity to feature in an episode.

Whilst the business may not be considering a new workspace right there and then, you’ve already shown appreciation for their company and built trust with a key decision maker – which will ultimately stand you in good stead for the future when they come to weigh up their workspace options.

You’ll also get the added benefit of this person sharing their episode on social channels such as LinkedIn, allowing you to reach even more potential clients.


We’re more likely to buy into the people behind a brand, rather than the faceless brand itself.

That’s why building your internal influencers, whether that be your CEO or lead Community Manager, is an important tool for increasing brand exposure and share of the marketplace.

Creating internal influencers online, those who people want to work with and who’s posts they love, will only improve your own brand exposure.

One way to build internal influencers is by featuring them in interesting and engaging content, such as an insightful podcast episode, and asking them to share this from their various social platforms.


The above are just 3 of many opportunities a brand podcast brings. At Wizu, we’ll be launching a new podcast schedule this year packed with useful insights, stories and secrets – and we hope you’ll listen along with us. You can find the podcasts here.

13 April 2021

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