Why Workspace Operators Need a Virtual Back-Up Plan

Why Workspace Operators Need a Virtual Back-Up Plan

With the October half-term upon us and the festive season fast approaching, now's the time to get your front-of-house in order.

As an independent or small group workspace operator, how many times have you been short-staffed during the holidays? Have you ever missed calls or found yourself juggling calls and customer queries? We know that task-switching doesn't work, and the only outcome is a lot of undue stress and a level of customer service that falls well below your usual standards.

Short-staffing hits independent and smaller business centres hardest, but this problem isn't exclusive to small businesses. When staff are away, the remaining employees are forced to 'make do', or, agency staff are brought in as a temporary measure.

The result? A poor or lower level of customer service, an unhappy workforce and at worst, a damaged reputation and lost business.

Virtual back-up

A virtual solution could help independent business centres and flexible workspace operators to handle these problems infinitely more effectively.

A large proportion of workspace businesses of all sizes, from independents to multi-nationals, offer virtual office and receptionist services as part of their service portfolio. These services help small and high-growth firms to virtually expand their receptionist services and improve their customer-facing credentials, whilst delivering an all-encompassing professional level of service to clients.

So why don't more operators use these services themselves?

During the busy holiday season, when flexible space operators are short-staffed, it's a logical solution to turn to our own industry and recruit the services of a dedicated virtual services supplier.

One example is OfficeFront. This virtual office provider and BCA Member offers a 'Virtual Switchboard' service. The concept is effectively a back-up for existing customer service teams, and provides a catch-all service that kicks in when calls go unanswered. Office Front staff operate remotely, and if the reception team is busy or unavailable, calls bounce to OfficeFront's virtual team who answer in the company's name.

The service is most commonly used alongside a company's regular workforce, and acts as a safety net even when the whole team is present.

The virtual sector is growing, and the BCA's Virtual Office Forum is home to an increasing number of members offering a varied range of high quality virtual and call-answering services. The virtual receptionist service is a solution that works for small, medium and large businesses all over the world, and it provides an essential service to keep business moving.

Instead of falling back on traditional temp agency methods, or simply 'making do', why not try the service yourself?

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