Why Wellbeing is Changing the Way We Work

Why Wellbeing is Changing the Way We Work

Business mentoringThe business landscape is shifting right under our feet. Technology, work anywhere practices, workspace flexibility, new generations and game-changing startups are all playing a part in transforming the way we work.

One key component in this trend is a shift in power. Endless research studies backed by tried-and-tested methods have proven that the best workers are the happiest ones - and today's employees are no longer content to sit it out in silence.

Wellbeing at work comes in countless forms, all of which can contribute to greater employee engagement and motivation.

However, a recent study from Group Risk Development (GRiD) suggests that employers must do more to improve the wellbeing of their workers, and indicated that a greater focus on health and happiness would result in a more productive workforce.

In a study of 500 UK businesses, GRiD identified the following areas as mission critical for employers:

- Managing stress at work (38%)
- Promoting a healthy work/life balance (64%)
- Introducing more flexible working initiatives (47%)

The quest for greater productivity is one that every business owner and manager can relate to, yet many lack the tools or resources to identify, much less fulfil their employees' needs.

With record-breaking levels of new startups and more businesses turning to flexible workspace than ever before, operators are facing a valuable opportunity to help business owners fill the wellbeing and productivity void.

How does your workspace location facilitate wellbeing at work? And are you highlighting these value-added facilities or services as a unique selling point?

You should be. As a service industry facing intense competition from new market entrants and expanding operators alike, it's more important than ever to demonstrate to business owners how you stand out from the crowd.

On-site facilities and exemplary service provision is one thing, but there's plenty more you can offer. For instance, government initiatives and training can offer your clients the right programmes for the development of their business and their staff. You can start by hosting or attending a BCA Roadshow for Growth and putting your clients in touch with the BCA Knowledge Team.

After all, a company that's on a solid footing for growth stands a much better chance of enhancing employee wellbeing than one that lacks focus, direction or skills.

Like we said, wellbeing at work comes in countless forms. The bottom line is that operators who offer the right blend of services and facilities to deliver real, tangible value, and who can enhance their clients' wellbeing by providing a supportive and structured business environment, are more likely to win and retain valuable business.

Find out more about the BCA Roadshows for Growth online.

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