Why syncing your social could be sinking your profile?

Why syncing your social could be sinking your profile?


I am always asked about the relationship between social networks, how they fit together and if syncing accounts is generally a good thing. The answer lies in how you actually use your social media channels.

The question to ask is are you happy for your business contacts on LinkedIn to view your content on Twitter? And are your followers on LinkedIn also your Facebook friends anyway? You’ll probably find that you’re connected to very few people on Twitter that you follow on LinkedIn. So this begs the question, are you ultimately providing a spam feed to the people you connect with the most?

Your community of followers, likers, subscribers, friends and business contacts all require a mix of professional but also personal approach to how you engage with them. If you’re a twitter addict and linking your posts to LinkedIn, you could be creating a very negative effect on your reputation.

Relevant and informative posts, great content and careful engagement will always provide a more positive route for your communication, for business and pleasure.

Syncing done right enables you to do more with less time, but it is still something to be used sparingly across networks where possible. Just because the technology is there, doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to use.

Twitter is the pub… LinkedIn the business lunch and Facebook when you invite them back to your house.

Written by Ian Hughes, co-founder of LHM Media

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