Try a Treadmill Desk at BCA Conference & Exhibition

Try a Treadmill Desk at BCA Conference & Exhibition

Treadmill deskWhatever your thoughts on upright desks, there's no denying that it's caught the nation's attention.

The health benefits of staying on your feet at work are impossible to ignore. One study after another cites considerable benefits such as a reduced risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer, not to mention burning more calories. Standing desks are beginning to make a lot of sense in the office for more ways than one.

So why not throw a treadmill desk into the mix?

There are even more health advantages of keeping on the move, and productivity benefits too. Among others, a yearlong study of desk-bound workers at a company in Minnesota, all of whom carried out their working day using a treadmill desk, shows that all three performance indicators - quality and quantity of work, and quality of interactions with colleagues - improved markedly.

Of course you might wonder how on earth workers are supposed to concentrate, let alone hit the right keys on their laptop when they're walking on a treadmill.

So why not try it out for yourself?

At BCA Conference 2014, Rio Designs will have its own treadmill desk on display in the Exhibition Hall. Delegates are welcome to come and try it and find out for themselves - is it an alternative gym? A talking point? A fad? Or just good business?

Flexible workspace advocate Ray Lindenberg will be there to try it out himself. On the subject of this new health-conscious style of desk space, in his inimitable style, he pondered that perhaps one day, treadmill desks could generate and store energy for use at home or at work. Perhaps, workspace clients who generate clean, green energy to power their own offices will help lessen the burden on the world's energy... and enjoy a healthier lifestyle, along with discounted workspace, while they're at it.

Will you sit this one out, or stand up and try something new?

Head over to the BCA's Exhibition Hall on Thursday 22nd May 2014 at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in London and see what you think.

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