The biggest hack of its kind?

The biggest hack of its kind?

Sony the Japanese electronics manufacturer have announced that millions of PlayStation gamers have had their accounts hacked. This is astonishing as 77m people have possibly had everything from ID to credit card details taken.

The PlayStation Network provides users with the ability to download games, music and video content and play games with other users online. This is a free service to PlayStation owners, unlike Xbox 360 users who have to pay for the service monthly.

This is believed to be one of the biggest online security breaches ever and in my opinion handled so poorly by a company that took a week to announce this to its users.

Sony have said an "illegal and unauthorised person" obtained people's names, addresses, email address, birthdates, usernames, passwords, logins, security questions and more.

Sony was made aware of the security breach on 19th April, yet didn’t communicate with customers until 26th April.

Sony undoubtedly has a duty to protect users who are using their services online, the majority of them young people. We will all now have to watch out for suspicious activity on our bank statements, and hope that the organised gang that did this are brought to justice.

A statement issued by Visa Europe said: "Concerned cardholders should keep a close eye on their accounts and report any unusual or unexpected activity to their issuing bank.

"Cardholders who are innocent victims of fraud will get their money back, subject to the terms and conditions of their bank."

What are your thoughts on how the situation was handled?

I am/My Child is a Playstation Network user. What should I do?

1. Immediately change the passwords on all the online services you use (e.g. email, shopping, social networking, payments etc.) where you have used the same password you set up or use on the Playstation Network.

2. If you know that you or a member of your family are a PlayStation Network user or you receive an email from Sony advising you are affected by this breach then contact your Bank and Credit Card providers immediately - This will help prevent anyone being able to use the stolen personal information to commit identity fraud against you or your family.

3. Check Playstation Blog for information

4. Keep a very close eye on the statement for the credit card or debit card you registered or used on the PlayStation Network. Any suspicious or unrecognised transactions should be immediately reported to your   bank.

5. Check your credit report.

Written by Ian Hughes - Managing Director of LHM
Image courtesy of PseudoGil Creative Commons - Flickr


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