The BCA Awards: What Happens Behind the Scenes?

The BCA Awards: What Happens Behind the Scenes?

BCA Annual Industry AwardsEvery year, Members of the BCA go a little nomination crazy in pursuit of a prestigious Industry Award.

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes? How nominees are judged? And how to be crowned a winner?

Wonder no more. Here, the BCA shines a light on what goes on behind the scenes:

The Nomination Process

Each June, just after the culmination of the annual BCA Conference, the BCA releases details of Award categories and nomination procedures.

It's instigated by the now familiar "Let's Get Nominating!" series of e-notifications, which urge BCA Members to begin submitting award nominations. Members have until 5.30pm on the last Friday of September to do so.

There are five Award categories:

1) Business Centre of the Year Award: Groups of more than 3 locations (recognising the specific location)
2) Business Centre of the Year Award: Independents up to 3 locations
3) Workspace of the Year Award (including Light Industrial) (recognising the specific location)
4) Trade Supplier of the Year Award
5) Broker Representative of the Year Award

Nomination forms for the first four categories are completed and submitted by post or email. These are completed directly by clients of the workspace or Trade Supplier business.

The fifth category, Broker Representative of the Year, is submitted via an online questionnaire. Nominations come from workspace operators who have been working with the nominated Broker Representative for at least a year. This award recognises the efforts of the individual, rather than the brokerage company itself.

Note: The BCA carries out validation checks so nominations cannot be falsified!

What makes an Award-worthy nomination?

A nomination is not just a testimonial. The BCA typically receives over 800 nominations every year. Nominations are all about the value of your service. The devil is in the detail. For instance:

- What are the most beneficial services and facilities you offer?
- How have you added value to their business?
- What business opportunities have you created?
- And remember to include real examples of how you have provided outstanding service.

How are the judges chosen?

Impartiality is absolutely vital - so judges are selected based on complete neutrality. A panel of up to five judges are chosen by the BCA only after the Award Nomination deadline, and once all nominations have been received. This means potential judges can be chosen from companies who have not entered themselves, and who have no ties to nominees whatsoever.

The 2015 judges are:

- Shirley Maxwell - Manager, Capital Business Centre Edinburgh
- Jason Mayhead - Sales Manager, Landmark plc
- Tony Waldron - MD, Executive Communication Centres
- Simon Cowie - Chairman, Mail Boxes Etc
- James Friedenthal - Head of Corporate Development, Workspace Plc

How are finalists and winners chosen?

Once the panel has been selected, each judge is asked to review the nominations and recommend finalists, along with their reasoning. The panel then collaborates and presents a winner for each category. The judges' decision is final.

And then it's time to celebrate! The finalists and the overall winner for each category is announced during the BCA Annual Industry Awards Gala Dinner, a sparkling event held on the last Friday in November, during which all award winners and finalists are recognised and celebrated for their outstanding efforts throughout the year.

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