Tablet Tools for Work on the Go

Tablet Tools for Work on the Go

There's an app for that: If you work on the go, there is an endless list of apps for mobile devices that can help to make your business life a little easier.

Our mobiles are always on us and they are always on - and even when we leave the office, most of us continue to read emails or check up on Twitter feeds at home or after hours.

Whether you think of your mobile device as a slave-driver or a saviour, there's no denying that mobile technology has revolutionised the workplace and the world of business. There is phenomenal growth in the use of mobile devices which is helping to fuel a rapid rise in flexible working, and create exciting new opportunities within the workspace industry too.

But it's not just the use of mobile hardware that's accelerating at pace. Mobile apps are enjoying a similar pattern of growth, and the quality of applications has vastly improved from the scant choice we once faced just a few short years ago.

There are now hundreds of thousands of applications for the smartphone and tablet market, and many of these are designed for business - to help make your working life easier and more productive. In a recent interview for Costco's Small Business magazine, technical writer Andrew Don recommended some of his favourite business apps to help streamline business processes for work-on-the-go professionals. Here are just a few of them:

Dropbox: Ever email files to yourself? Dropbox provides free cloud storage that syncs across devices and PCs, letting you store files such as documents, photos and videos. It has a simple 'share' feature so you can let others access your files too. It's ideal for storage and also for accessing files when you're away from the office.

CloudOn: CloudOn provides full versions of Microsoft programmes including Word, PowerPoint and Excel, which creates a Windows environment on your mobile device. It also integrates with cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive.

Mint: Many banks now provide tools to help you track expenditure and create savings goals. Mint is a similar app that helps you to keep track of your finances, allowing users to log details from various sources including bank accounts, credit cards and loans. It also helps you to work towards finance goals.

Remember the Milk: Perfect for the more forgetful among us. Remember the Milk is a handy app that lets you list, organise and prioritise your jobs, which means no more annoying bits of paper littering the office. You can also sync it across your mobile devices so you've always got your list with you.

mPowa: A powerful app that lets business owners take credit and debit card payments on their mobile device. It features a dashboard to view transactions and users can also send receipts by email and text.

Applications such as these can help to turn your mobile device into an effective business tool. Which applications do you use for business? And how do they help to make your working day more productive?

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