Smart Gamification

Smart Gamification

Mojo Internet Use ScreenshotGuest post by Kevin Winstanley, Managing Director of ip-Xchange:

A seismic shift in my universe has taken place.

After waiting 3 months for her new Smart For Two car (the one with the manual gear box and turbo charged engine) my partner, contrary to everything I expected, has taken to driving everywhere slower than my Grandma on a leisurely Easter Sunday outing to church, with the elderly vicar in the passenger seat, holding a homemade sherry trifle, precariously balanced on his shaky knees.

It’s called ‘Gamification’.

Smart, in their ultimate wisdom, have decided to add a live ‘Eco Score’ on the dashboard and the interactive trip/route monitor, meaning every blip of the accelerator, gear change, harsh braking manoeuvre and pause at the traffic lights is monitored and reported ‘Real Time’. The resultant ‘Eco Score’ determines how angelic a motorised Eco Warrior you really are.

This ‘Gamification’ has cleverly altered our (yes, mine too) driving behaviour. Smart have realised the thing most significant to almost all Smart owners is their own Eco footprint, and as such it has rendered the Turbo charger I longed for, utterly pointless.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could employ the same principles in your workspace to get clients to do the selling for you?

Well, you can.

It’s all about creating the right environment for growth. Your product offerings, including Internet and Telecoms, need to be tailored for expansion. I’m all about the FREE at the point of sale approach, by all means include some shared internet and a telephony in your basic package, it’s a must - but make sure there’s a bevy of user-friendly incentives and information available to the client so they can see and manage their own usage and upgrades, to create an environment of client pull rather than sales push.

With a degree of Gamification, ‘upgrades’ become a request rather than a hard sell. When people can see that they are maxing out their downloads for 90% of the working week they will ask you for more. Similarly if the excess FUP additional charges come in at the end of the month, they will ask you for a solution to better manage their accounts.

We do all this via Mojo (pictured), our friendly and easy to use client interface, which shows all the call data, internet activity, Wi-Fi use and combined group/user spend, along with the next available upgrade.

What about in the actual front end space selling?

Do you allow clients to space plan their own office? It saves you a job and gets their buy-in. Let them decide on the colour scheme and the furniture, why not? If you buy a new car you’d do this with the salesman in the show room over a coffee, it’s fun! Each and every extra increases the price, increases the desire and increases the potential for longevity and ‘stickiness’ to your product. If the client wants a Turbo with Orange seats then let them have them, but make sure you have the right amount of Gamification built in to keep the clients happy and engaged throughout their life cycle.

You can turn anything into a game and it’s almost certainly twice as much fun and more lucrative. So why wouldn’t you?

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