RJmetis’ new Spacedadi system “will change the way that workspace and meeting rooms are sold and managed in the future”

RJmetis’ new Spacedadi system “will change the way that  workspace and meeting rooms are sold and managed in the future”

The Leading UK business centre software provider RJmetis today reveals Spacedadi – a revolutionary new software tool that enables any provider of shared workspace to increase revenues by promoting their workspaces online, either via the growing network of shared workspace websites or via their own website.

The vision for Spacedadi is that it will offer a simple and affordable way to increase online sales of shared workspace for all operators. The ‘basic version’ of Spacedadi will be free to workspace providers, including existing CentreCharge 2012 clients, and will allow clients to promote their space on participating websites and manage bookings in an online calendar.

CEO Justin Harley says: “We are excited about being able to provide the smaller operators the tools that will allow them to sell online!  We believe that Spacedadi will transform online sales opportunities for the smaller operator in particular, which is a huge step forward for the workspace market.”

Three further paid versions of Spacedadi will combine the calendar with a sophisticated set of tools to manage all aspects of the space, including an e-commerce and customer portal capability allowing clients to book and pay online, as well as service their account all via the provider’s website.  Spacedadi is the first tool of its kind to offer this extensive functionality in a single platform.

Single interface to market space on multiple agent websites

With the ever increasing number of online agents and directories promoting shared space, a new opportunity is evolving for workspace providers to sell their space via these websites. The challenge facing workspace providers is managing these multiple online sales channels.  RJmetis has developed the technology to allow its reservation system to provide real time availability and pricing to multiple online sales channels.

RJmetis is working closely with this community to connect directly with Spacedadi, enabling Spacedadi customers to upload details once and syndicate across a network of chosen agents in a single action.  Not only will this save considerable admin time, but Spacedadi customers will also benefit from being able to have a single view of availability and bookings in Spacedadi, rather than logging in to multiple calendars and systems bespoke to each agent.

Justin Harley, CEO at RJmetis, said: “Spacedadi is the smart way to sell and manage your space. Generation Y are the new customers!  They live and work on the internet and their mobiles. They will expect to do business and socialise online when they like, not when your staff are there!

Space providers, such as co-working hubs and business centres, are starting to tap into the power of online sales, but really this is just the tip of the iceberg.  There is a huge market out there, but without an easy-to-use, online tool that integrates with the back office accounting system, workspace providers are missing a trick.  Spacedadi will make online selling a no-brainer, leaving workspace providers free to focus on improving service and building their communities.”

Spacedadi will enter its beta phase in autumn 2012, with initial plans to engage 20 first mover customers from a diverse background of co-working clubs, serviced offices and meeting room providers in the UK and USA.

For this period, RJmetis will offer the full Spacedadi software for free but requires participant feedback in fine tuning the usability of the software. For further information on Spacedadi and to register for the beta programme, visit

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