Olympic Opportunities for BCA Members this Summer

Olympic Opportunities for BCA Members this Summer

London is going to be in transport chaos during the games with TFL requesting that 1.8million commuters do not come in to London.

Keeping out of London during the summer is creating a push for organisations to try flexible working practices more widely. For example, the Government is talking about a permanent change in how they work.

Many people will work at home – but many will be unable to stay productive working from home for two weeks.

People with children at home during the holidays, without a productive place to work at home or who simply can’t be productive at home for any length of time.

This is expected to increase demand for co-working  and temporary flexible space.

BCA members are ideally placed and should benefit from this permanent increase in demand after the games – but are unlikely to be able to service the spike in demand.

Most members are already running at a very high occupancy – with existing occasional users likely to increase their usage and fill up the spare capacity.

BCA members, NearDesk have set-up an additional 20,000 desks across the South-East to capitalise on this spike in demand.

Opportunities for BCA members: (BCA membership will be verified)

  • Meeting the needs of your contacts by selling capacity. You’ll earn high commission on the desks they rent across the South-East but more importantly, retain those client relationship for after the games.

  • If you think you will have spare capacity (10 desks+) over the Olympics, let them know as they may be able to sell it

Next steps:

Speak to NearDesk on +44(0)20 7060 7069, email or meet NearDesk in person next week at the BCA Conference Thursday May 17th.


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