New study shows overworked Brits need a holiday every 62 days

New study shows overworked Brits need a holiday every 62 days

A survey by Post Office Travel Insurance shows that the overtime and heavy workloads mean we now need six holidays a year to avoid burning out.

Those waiting more than two months between holidays are more likely to show the signs of stress and fatigue.

The survey said:
• One in four admit to feeling stressed if they wait more than two months before taking a break
• One in five need a holiday within a month of their last trip away
• Work worries can affect holiday enjoyment

The majority of people (30 per cent) typically take a couple of week-long holidays throughout the year combined with regular long weekends. Yet 15 per cent of people admitted that it takes them five days or more to feel fully relaxed on holiday. Two week holidays with sporadic long weekends is the next most popular holiday formula (22 per cent). Just nine per cent of people take three week breaks.

Work worries can potentially affect the enjoyment of the trip itself - 23 per cent of those in employment said that their work is often not picked up by colleagues in their absence. 15 per cent said they end up working late the night before a holiday to try and get things done, and 11 per cent admitted to taking work calls and checking emails while away.

However, most find their stress levels slip away as soon as they do escape, with more than half feeling ‘fully refreshed’ after just a day or two away from the office.

Rachel Croft, Head of Post Office Travel Insurance said: "This research shows that many people need to take regular breaks in order to feel relaxed and recharged. Organising a holiday can be stressful, which means it’s even more important that holidaymakers take the adequate steps to ensure their trip runs as smoothly as possible.

Try keeping a holiday check list and allowing as much time as possible to arrange essentials like your travel money and travel insurance. Ensuring that you have suitable travel insurance cover before setting off on holiday will help save you time, and unnecessary stress, if something were to go wrong during the trip itself."

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